dolcelab = Laboratory for Design Of Learning, Collaboration & Experience

The dolcelab is part of the Educational Communication and Technology Program (ECT) at New York University, which includes the Digital Media Design for Learning and the Games for Learning graduate programs.

Christopher M. Hoadley, Ph.D. is the lab director.  For a list of all lab members and affiliates, see People.

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The structure of the lab is modeled on the concept of a knowledge building community, a learning- and knowledge-focused community of practice. Knowledge-building communities work best when participants have high levels of agency and the dolcelab deliberately tries to maintain individual agency and legitimate peripheral participation within the context of a shared research lab.  It is also a venue in which collaborations can be sparked and housed, whether based on shared funding or not. We implement this according to the dolcelab rules.

Research activities of the lab are interdisciplinary but all are under the umbrella of designing and integrating media and technology for learning that supports human flourishing.  Research areas being pursued by the lab include social media and its potential role in education; sustainability and technology education; maker/hacker culture and learning; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education;  identity and experience with technology, including especially gendered and ethnic identities; video game culture and its implications for education; educational group dynamics; serious and educational games; computer-supported collaborative learning; and understanding the affordances of online communities, especially knowledge-building communities, for learning and knowledge management.