AJ and the Emerging Learning Design (ELD) Conference


The theme for the Emerging Learning Design 2012 Conference (#ELD12) is “Innovative Practices for Digital Teaching and Learning” and, like last year’s event, promises an eclectic mix of presentations and session styles for a wide variety of comfort levels with technology.

The conference will take place on the campus of Montclair State University.  MSU is located in northern New Jersey, 14 miles west of Manhattan and is easily accessible by car, bus, or train.

Who should attend?  Those in Higher Education or K-12 who are experienced in, or just aspiring to use, technology in teaching and learning, are sure to find helpful and useful information in our Keynote, Concurrent, 3×15, or the always fun and exciting Ignite! sessions. As the theme indicates, sessions will focus on innovative practices with regard to both teaching and learning in the modern digital age. Whether it is a technology rich, hybrid, or online class, this event hopes to showcase best practices in design and implementation.  For more details on the program, check http://eld.montclair.edu regularly as updates and new information becomes available.