Gabriela and Chris Awarded NSF Grant to Study Gender and Game Culture

Gabriela Richard 2009Chris Hoadley 2009Gabriela Richard and Chris Hoadley were awarded a National Science Foundation grant in support of Gabriela’s dissertation data collection.  The grant was administered by the Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences, Science Technology & Society division of the National Science Foundation under their Dissertation Improvement program (Grant #SES-1028637).

The grant supports the dissertation’s ethnographic investigation of game culture, the administration and development of surveys and interviews, as well as paying participants to participate in the research.

NSF LogoGabriela’s dissertation is exploring the social context around game culture, specifically investigating the ways that gender, ethnicity and culture are experienced and redefined in game culture.  She specifically wants to know whether seemingly disproportionate gendered experience affects participation in game culture, and whether that relates to learning-related constructs like motivation, agency and efficacy with games.  Her research seeks to inform the design inclusive and equitable games for learning.