Hoadley begins appointment at US National Science Foundation

Christopher Hoadley  joins the US National Science Foundation as a program director in the Education and Human Resources Directorate, Division of Research and Learning in Formal and Informal Settings, and in the Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems on December 2, 2013. Hoadley retains his faculty position at NYU and will be “on loan” to NSF, appointed under the intergovernmental personnel act (IPA) and will help implement the gold standard merit review process and influence new directions for NSF in cyberlearning and informal STEM learning in funding programs such as Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies, STEM-C, and Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST). Hoadley has designed and built educational technology programs and researched the connections between technology and learning and learning for more than three decades. He has published extensively and made presentations around the world on rethinking learning, evidence-based learning solutions, and digital education.