Kacie Kinzer and collaborators win a Knight Foundation Challenge Grant

KacieKinzerKacie Kinzer, a first year ECT doctoral student and a dolcelab member, along with her collaborators, won a prestigious Knight Foundation Challenge Grant in the amount of $330,000 to develop an innovative mobile application that allows users to archive and share their oral histories with their family and friends.  They and their design company, TKOH, will develop the application.

“This project, called Thread, will ease the process by building a simple application that enables users of all experience levels to create rich audio/visual stories that can be archived and shared easily with groups of people, ranging from immediate family members to the extended user community, depending on the user’s preference. By making it easy to record and share stories amongst generations and communities, Thread, will make it possible to preserve the stories of target groups, including rural ranchers in New Mexico whose lives reflect a disappearing culture of endurance and gifted storytelling, before the app launches more broadly.”


More information on the award, the project and the team can be found here: http://www.knightfoundation.org/grants/20123672/